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I'm Like A Bullet Through A Flock Of Doves [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Craig Manning

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¤009¤ So it's sad this doesn't suit you now [Apr. 24th, 2006|06:09 pm]
Craig Manning
[Current Music |Brand New- The No Seatbelt Song]

I had sex with Manny. I was high, big deal. It was fun and meaningless. I mean, jesus, it's not like I love her or anything.

I love Paige, my guitar, scary movies, and concerts.

So I was thinking, I really want to go to a concert. Anyone up for going to one?
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¤008¤ Another sad song with nothing to say [Mar. 26th, 2006|05:40 pm]
Craig Manning
[Current Music |My Chemical Romance- Disenchanted (Shut Up And Play)]

Hey! Hey look! Craig's alive!

I've been trying to write some songs. I've been going to clubs talking to record producers (or trying to, anyway). They seemed kinda interested in me. Rockstar Craig? I think so. What would be better than that? Rockstar Craig and his amazing girlfriend.

Check it out, I'm gonna be famous.
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¤007¤ You see me, do I look okay to you? [Mar. 14th, 2006|06:14 pm]
Craig Manning
[Current Music |Armor For Sleep- The More You Talk The Less I Hear]

I miss my Paige.

I miss everyone, actually. Look at me being antisocial. That's not cool.
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¤006¤ "We've got to get better." [Feb. 27th, 2006|07:01 pm]
Craig Manning
[Current Music |Taking Back Sunday- New American Classic]

So what's new in the life of Craig? Nothing, really. I've been hanging out with Paige a lot. She's great... I love her. You're all just jealous that you're not going out with someone as hot as her. Seriously, we would have the hottest kids ever. Hm.. And I sorta want to have a kid with her... Something to make up for that kid Manny killed.. And um.. Other than that, I hung out with Manny a few times. We got high and went to church. Jesus really loves me, you know? And apparently, Manny loves me too. What the hell am I supposed to do about that?

I'm bored and I have a joint. Who wants to hang out?

I'm still Craig Manning, and I still approve these LJ posts.
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¤005¤ If it makes you less sad, I will die by your hand. [Feb. 19th, 2006|09:21 pm]
Craig Manning
[Current Mood |crazycrazy]
[Current Music |Brand New- The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot]

Things are weird! Haha, I haven't used my meds in forever, yo. Seriously, why the hell else would I try to rape Darcy? Granted that she's a hot piece of ass but still... I need to go back to taking my meds but I can't be so bothered! Heh no one really knows that I'm a mental fuck up anyways, why tell them now? I don't want to tell Paige. She's wicked awesome. She'll probably hate me or something if she knew about me and all my crazy shit. That's life for you though.

My name is Craig Manning, and I approve this LJ post.
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¤004¤ So here we are [Jan. 28th, 2006|07:58 pm]
Craig Manning
[Current Music |Hawthorne Heights- The Transition (Live Acoustic On Q101)]

Supp, kids? I haven't updated this in forever.

So what's new in the life of Craig? Nothing, actually. I went by the hospital and saw Alex. It really sucks though. What happened to her, I mean. Car crashes and amnesia aren't cool. So yeah, I was a good citizen and watched her kids for a while. It was pretty easy compared to watching Angie...

And um.. other than that I've been hanging out with Ash. Yeah. I need to get around to ending that. That's always fun.

Call me or something, I'm crazy bored.
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¤003¤ Back me down from backing up [Jan. 16th, 2006|08:19 pm]
Craig Manning
[Current Music |All American Rejects- Straitjacket Feeling]

Is it just me, or is life around here mad boring? Ok yeah, half of you are busy filling in the statistic of teenaged parents but really, hire a babysitter and get out some! Ah, a party would do us all some good right now, don't you think? Someone should throw one. Someone who isn't me cause let's just say I'm not Joey's favourite person right now.

Oh.. hey.. Ash, you should call me and we can hang out. And Paige, you should call me, too! you're better company than Ash...
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¤002¤ Please don't go crazy, if I tell you the truth [Jan. 8th, 2006|06:48 pm]
Craig Manning
[Current Mood |ecstaticecstatic]
[Current Music |Snow Patrol- How To Be Dead]

So I got my inspiration back, if you hadn't already heard. This is like old times... just me and Ash... and nothing bad is gonna happen to us this time. Hm.. I don't think asking Darcy to sleep with me counts, does it? I mean, I did ask her before I went off and talked to Ash. Oh well, leave it to me to do something stupid like this. In fact, I'm thinking of starting up the band again. It's a good idea, right? Come on, we could be famous... I could be famous! Who's up for it?
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¤001¤ This Poison's My Intoxication [Dec. 31st, 2005|10:49 pm]
Craig Manning
[Current Mood |goodgood]
[Current Music |The Used- Let It Bleed]

Heyyyy everyone. I've finally decided to get into this whole online journal thing. I'm not so sure why though... but I guess this is a good thing. now I have something to do during the summer besides watching Angie and working on my music. And plus, my therapist person at that teen support group says this is good for me. Speaking of my music, Joey got me a new guitar! I figured he would've been pissed off about what happened.. turns out he just felt bad (well... maybe he was a little angry, but that's besides the point). So I've been working on a new song. It pretty much sucks though, because I haven't been feeling so inspired lately. infact, I've been using the winter holidays as an excuse to sleep in late and walk around the house in my pajamas all day long.

Life's been good. I'm crazy excited about everything that's been going on with the band. I am getting famous! Take that, anyone who didn't believe in me! Yeah... well, I've gotta quit writing all this victory stuff. Joey's going out for a bit so I need to keep Angie entertained. won't this be fun. if any of you guys want to hang out, send me an IM. guitar god craig is my sn, if you guys didn't know.
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